Time Slot Booking

Time Slot Booking

A shop to sell your services

It is a common belief that e-shops are solely for product sales.
Almost all online shops are selling products, however, most professionals offer services, not products.

Apparently, the online market is fully capable of reflecting this fact by "time slot booking" e-shops where the "time slots" are the "products" of these shops.

There are no standard e-Shops service development tools

If you are a professional, let us introduce you to this amazing concept that will simplify your work, attract new customers at no cost and promote cooperation with your affiliates. It can be realized in many novel ways and we cover all of them with our TBS suite of tools.
TSB (Time Slot Booking) suite of tools
Service Agenda

Service Agenda

Most professionals simply need a customer database and an appointment calendar.
This APP does it all and a lot more.

As a web APP, it is available anytime, anyplace, on any device.
It is fully customizable to suit your needs and has many add-ons to give you this extra functionality that will simplify your work.

Last but not least, it integrates with the TSB suite of tools and allows you to sell your services and attract new customers for virtually no cost.
Any Appointment

Any Appointment

A search engine to promote your services and a system that allows you to attract new customers that can book automatically on your schedule.

Instant notification for each booking, customer reminder for preventive (or next) appointments.
Credit Card payment for new customers.

Full support for advertising activities through advertising methods (coupons, affiliate marketing, etc.).
Full integration with TSB.
Affiliate APP

Affiliate APP

"Affiliate App" supports your own business network.
Enter a new era of online collaboration to offer efficient services and attract new customers.
As everyone needs expert partners to offer an efficient service, “Affiliate APP” supports your own professional network.
Refer your customers to your affiliate network (provide information, reservations and requests) and accept their own reports. Receive alerts and track referrals.
Receive statistics, outsource services and serve your customers by booking your partner's empty slots at your workplace.

Members Platform

Members Platform

Members Platform serves a large or specialized group of customers. Adding your services to such a platform aims to attract a significant number of customers.

Our Apps and Platforms are able to integrate with our own Discount Platforms but all external ones also.

Using such platforms you may access significant customer pools, where you can become a well-known expert or access the global market where you services or prices may stand out.

Start Here

We are offering various packages of the TSB tools.
Some packages allows you to sell 3rd party products too.
Just select the financial agreement that fits you most and get started.


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