Platform Prices

Platform Prices

Time Slot Booking & Shop3/Prod3

Time Slot Booking is a shop for Professionals that sell Time Slots as products.
Shop3 is a simple shop that allows you to sell 3rd party items with no hassle and get immediate and recurring benefits.
Prod3 is not a shop! it integrates with your system requiring minimum effort to create pre-orders to your affiliates.
Affiliate APP provides your own affiliate interface that allows immediate and productive collaboration. Affiliate customer booking, hosted appointments, passing of customer info, follow up, feedback, notifications, shared time table on any premises, common customers and many more novel features.

  • Affiliate APP
  • Service Agenda
  • Any Appointment
  • Group Platform
  • Affiliate APP
  • Any Agenda
  • Any Appointment
  • Group Platform
  • Shop3/Prod3

Important Notes

You need no subscription to join as Influencer.
Any Platform client gets the Basic Subscription for Free (but setup fee is required).
Any platform customer get a special price for any other subscription (setup fee is not affected).

Setup fee: €200
Any Appointment - 10% per booking
Members Platform - 10% per sale

The above prices are valid only for a limited number of customers, products and affiliates


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