GROUP Platform

GROUP Platform

Discount online stores have flooded the internet trying to attract large number of customers offering discounted prices.
"Group Platform" is the reverse idea where a large group of customers are looking for the best deals.
"Group Platform" is a constantly updated database with local and national discounts for members.
If you have administrative role for such a group, call us without hesitation and we will make sure 
that your members will enjoy incredible benefits.

Some included modules

  • Group Administration Tool
  • Virtual online warehouse for all providers
  • Special offers promotion system by notification
  • Appointment booking system for all affiliated Professionals
  • Personalised Web Customer interface
  • Mobile APP to help the shopping experience in all physical stores and partner professionals.
  • API module for automatic exchange of information with Suppliers
  • Mobile APP to allow a local store to participate as a vendor.
  • Product search engine using categories and filters for faster and more efficient search

State-of-the-Art Features

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Group Administration

Enable your affiliates to manage one or more contracts and define the terms and conditions of affiliate stores.

Unlimited Agreements
Advanced Special Offers
Local Offers
Local Search
Follow up and Verification
Monitoring and periodic statistical reporting to the contract manager to verify compliance with its terms.
Local Deal Finder
No coupons or Cards Required
Personalized Information
Push Notifications

Group Platform for ...



We can offer large or specialized customer groups full services at very competitive prices.
We also welcome partnership proposals.


By participating in our list of providers, you participate instantly in all the possibilities offered by Memebrs Platform and Direct Sales Net.
You are in complete control using the Control Panel with a complete set of options. You can also create advanced offers and inform customers.


By using our mobile tools and web APPs you can easily become a local provider to a large group of customers.
We provide you all tools needed and we support special offers to local customers.


Our system and our specialized tools allow our team clients to make appointments with you.
Become a local expert for a group of people and promote your reputation.


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