Control Systems

A wireless sensor network (WSN) has many areas of application.
Properly interconnected sensors can monitor, detect, and inform about the quality of life, environment, health, and industry.

We offer the ability to remotely control multiple devices, according to the needs of each case or business, utilizing communication protocols that ensure the flawlessness of information transmission.

They can start or set up a device and transfer device data to the operator and user in real-time.

Whether it is one or multiple devices, locally or with multiple control points in scattered networks, we offer the ability of complete control and real-time information.

A device can be a simple switch, a simple sensor or a wireless sensor network, that can consist of a few hundred or even thousands of sensors.

Our microcontrollers connect and control each sensor. They consist of a transceiver with an internal antenna or an external antenna connection, a microcontroller, an electronic circuit interfacing with the sensors and a power source.

By combining information from multiple sensors or even from past data, we have the ability to reduce uncertainty and minimize errors (Sensor fusion)

Each automated system requires a specific design. Together, we will find the best design for your case.


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