Available Applications

A wireless sensor network (WSN) has many application areas.
Properly interconnected sensors can monitor, detect and inform us in areas such as quality of life, environment, health and industry.

Parking Systems

Mobile Parking System is a smart automated parking management system, with location detectors, specialized software and mobile applications.
Clearly identifies the parking spot availability with built-in sensors and high-tech controllers that outperform any alternative smart parking system.
It is Innovative and more flexible than the competition and has gained worldwide interest with applications in municipalities, cities, office buildings, supermarkets and companies.


Measure all the parameters of interest anywhere and anytime, reacting immediately to any problem by remotely adjusting the appropriate devices.
Measure temperature, humidity and air quality throughout the production process.
Wireless sensor networks are used to monitor wine production, from the field to the cellar.


Send the door key using your mobile, turn on or off any appliance and give additional offers and possibilities to your customers.


Enter and monitor in the Cloud all the information you want 24/7 with special detectors and receive real-time data on your mobile PC or tablet. Set alerts to prevent any problems.
Each automated system requires a specific design. Together, we will find the best design for your case.


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