Cloud and Mobiles

Secure direct and OFF-LINE connection to the Cloud. Almost instant notification of any event and continuous monitoring from control screens and mobile. Connect to our secure servers. Access your data through Cloud and mobile APPs (on your mobile).


Our controllers are programmed to talk first to the local PC and then to the Cloud. If the local computer breaks down the system continues (Full ON-Line) without any problem. If the internet connection fails, the data is stored locally until the system is reconnected (OFF-Line mode). Also, the local PC always has enough data to fully operate the system in OFF-Line mode for as long as needed.
Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers

We maintain our own cloud servers to provide you with the greatest security, allowing us to cover all your requirements.
WEB, PWA and mobile applications cover all possible system capabilities and notifications needs.
With special care, we cover each user's needs and access permissions.


With extensive experience in building mobile applications, we build multilingual applications that support global networks. Our partners and us can support your application and your system, no matter how large.
Each automated system requires a specific design. Together, we will find the best design for your case.


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