•  Cloud computing allows the development of service quickly and with great ease.
  •  It helps professionals and businesses become familiar with and maintain the same day-to-day processes and applications throughout their professional careers.

  •  There is no need for Expensive Servers and Backup Machines, nor expensive terminals as the software is hosted in the Cloud and with simple machines, all that is required is an Internet connection.
  •  Expensive software and hardware upgrades or specialized staff are no longer required to maintain all of this infrastructure..

  •  It fully covers all professional needs, small and large.
  •  The modular way of developing the system facilitates the immediate adaptation to the needs and requirements of the applications as they evolve.

  •  A big advantage of cloud applications over "local" applications is that they are used from anywhere.
  •  Any person in charge can connect to the server (and therefore be notified or checked)
  •  Almost all devices can connect regardless of OS (Android, IOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux etc.)

  •  With personalized access to our systems, each user sees the correct information safely and clearly, through remote (or local) access.
  •  With multiple protection systems, no one can break our system.

  •  Cloud computing provides faster and more accurate application and data recovery.
  •  Overlapping backup systems guarantee data integrity, security and immediate and correct recovery.

  •  Our systems use reliable detectors and devices with sufficient life and easy maintenance.
  •  The combination of offline plus cloud systems allows uninterrupted operation.
  •  Cloud systems have much more space and can provide complete reports and a complete picture.

  •  Our Cloud systems can serve a large number of users by opening up the provision of value-added services.
  •  Our systems allow direct purchase and payment of services or even booking them at a later time.
  •  Our systems allow us to interact with other systems through a secure protocol, allowing the user to obtain complete services.

  •  Software upgrades are done automatically and are always available to users from the first moment.
  •  A comparative advantage over the competition as an adaptation to fast-paced technology becomes immediately accessible to all users.


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