Our Advantages

Our Advantages

Our Platforms allows you to have :
  • Your site on your domain
  • Your logo and address on the site 
  • Customised reports
  • Your own client interface
  • Admin panel to handle multiple employees
  • Many fully functional locations
  • Your affiliate net
  • Your multi-functional e-shop
  • Your own time slot management
  • Connection to multiple promotion systems
  • Credit card booking
  • Multi language support
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You and your team can work safely from work, home or any other place. Each user, depending on its privileges, may browse and manipulate the online data. Work from any device (PC, tablet, Smartphone) and any operating system (Windows, Android, IOS, Chromium and Linux).
Safety and Protection
Frequent Upgrades
Client Interface

This is a free value-added service that you provide to your customers.

It allows your customers to login to your site and access the data and the reports you allow.

This module usually includes specialized functionality for the customer, for example, the Fitness Web App, provides the customers with “shopping basket” and an easy mobile view of what to eat next.

Global Market
Control Panel
Ticketing Support
Dating Calendar
  • Your own complete system of affiliates
  • Access to our affiliate system (local and global)
  • Search engine registration (free) with direct new customer booking
  • Be part of our discount eShops and the large/special group promotions
Eshop - Credit Cards
eShop 3rd Party
Attached Files
  • 30+ years of excellence in software developing
  • The most modern systems and tools
  • Many added-value services
  • Complete management of hosting and security
  • Complete support and service
  • Marketing services


APPs, eShops and Marketing

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